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On the edge of consciousness, culture and human awakening.

For the last 40 years, Patricia Albere’s teaching arises from being finely attuned to the transformational power of emergence – that which occurs on the edge of consciousness, culture and human awakening. Her work with collective fields of consciousness has been developed through her continuous work with groups and over 150,000 people internationally. Her mastery in teaching and working with groups is now devoted to innovating in this new exciting field of “inter-subjective awakening” and post-personal development.

Albere is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, a new model for mutual awakening. The Evolutionary Collective marks the creation and ongoing expansion of an inter-subjective field of intimacy, truth, mutuality and depth that occurs in a new space in consciousness – one that allows participants to transform inside an intense and accelerated relational field.

Patricia is also the host of the popular Evolutionary Collective Conversations (ECC), a global webcast in which today’s top evolutionary leaders join her for dynamic on-line dialogues.

It all started in 1971, when Albere unknowingly found herself at the leading edge of the human potential movement, as an original member of the EST organization (currently called the Landmark Education). Working with cultural icon and transformational movement pioneer, Werner Erhard, Albere played an important role in expanding est’s reach into the world and developing and training the organization’s leaders. Her work with Erhard laid the foundation for Albere’s passionate commitment to facilitating real transformation, which, she affirms, is at the heart of what makes human life meaningful—“ real transformation means that a person’s life is irrevocably changed in a way that empowers them to fulfill their highest potentials.”

By age 33, Albere was highly revered as a public speaker, transformational teacher and workshop leader, having already touched the lives of thousands of people. Her inquiry into human transformation was catapulted to an entirely new level by way of a profound personal relationship that forever changed her, while seeding her current work with evolutionary relationships and mutuality.

A chance meeting with the man who would become her partner of four years opened up new experiential pathways for Albere to discover the life-transforming potential of sacred intimacy and the inter-communion of two souls. She experienced a dual awakening, one where the awakening was shared and catalyzed through a way of being together. They lived from a dimension of existence that holds the invisible and visible worlds together and through which flows higher communion and transfiguration.

Patricia Albere
Patricial Albere - evolutionary collective
Patricia Albere - biographyPatricia Albere demonstration
“For the first time I experienced the limitless potential that exists between two human beings,” said Albere. ”We pushed the boundaries of love, moving through all the challenges that arise in any relationship, while traversing previously untapped potentials of our own consciousness. And from there, I was shown a new paradigm of relating possible for all human beings.”

Albere’s awakening to this new paradigm of relatedness catapulted her onto the forefront of an evolutionary, spiritual and cultural movement, while inspiring her to create the Evolutionary Collective, a transformational work focused on discovering, cultivating and materializing what we’ve not yet imagined possible by way of creativity, connection, relationship and collective consciousness.

“It’s a really exciting time for humanity to explore what’s possible in all forms of relationship,” said Albere, “because it’s the action of coming together that is allowing us to push way beyond the edges of our own personal growth and liberation into a truly inspired and expansive unknown by way of authentic relatedness, mutuality and love.”

Evolutionary relatedness demands… a wholehearted commitment to serve more than our individual selves.Patricia Albere
“There are a handful of us who are ready to connect beyond the limitations of the ego and survival consciousness. Evolutionary relatedness demands integrity, it demands that we accept responsibility for the inescapable influence we have on one another, and it demands a wholehearted commitment to serve more than our individual selves. It’s from that orientation that we are discovering and creating the tools, techniques and means for the innovative action the planet is urgently inviting; and the reality is: those pieces can only be created together.”

There are currently two main hubs for the Evolutionary Collective Yearlong Intensives, New York and San Francisco Bay Area. She is also on the faculty of THE SHIFT NETWORK and teaches virtual intensives on their global educational platform each year.

Patricia is grateful to be Alexander Trumbo’s mother – an awesome DJ living in Los Angeles. She currently lives in Sausalito and New York City.​

Patricial Albere - evolutionary collectivePatricia Albere - biography
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