Belonging without Separation?

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IMG_5409-320x213The image above was taken at the Green Mountain Catholic Monastery,  co-founded by Sister Gail Worcelo and Thomas Berry.  Gail has been part of the Evolutionary Core in New York for the last three years.  She is a renowned teacher who is sharing Evolutionary Spirituality and works with the principles of the Mutual Awakening throughout the world.  The EC Core meets three times a year virtually for a full day and many of the participants try to come together physically in small groups when we do this. Gail graciously invited everyone who could make it to come to the Monastery.  The image above is of the group making lunch.

This virtual one day with EC Core was devoted to diving further into the inquiry of  “What are some of the necessary components that stabilize this ‘higher order of relating’?”

Our work in the Evolutionary Collective includes a commitment to having access to profound states of ‘shared awakened consciousness’ and additionally, establishing grooves in consciousness that allow a new human culture that can live these higher states to stabilize and flourish.  In order for that to happen, we need to pay attention to the developmental needs that underpin this new stage as well as the culture of agreements that are necessary.

Steve MacIntosh wrote in his book, Evolution’s Purpose…

“Our culture has a structure and it’s not just the artifacts of the material world that we can see. A structure in consciousness may not be material, it may not be visible, but it is real and we can discern it. What makes it real is our agreement. It’s our agreements that actually create the boundaries and structures. It’s a structure made of agreements.” Steve MacIntosh

He said that seeing the anatomy of an agreement will be one of the new sciences of the noosphere (the sphere of thought that encircles the earth).   Agreements can be ordinary, mundane, common kinds of agreements or they can be agreements that when created between people can create a ‘higher order of human relating’ and the social support for that reality.

Steve further said that understanding these kinds of agreements is like understanding stem cells. Once stem cells are understood they lead to a whole new paradigm of medical breakthroughs.  As we discover what are the support structures for this higher order of relating we will also be able to have breakthroughs in collective awakening.

The power of the work we are doing in the Evolutionary Collective arises from what appears to be invisible.  For those who are sensitized to subtle and causal influences, the invisible structural contours that shape the relatedness, that shape the field we are participating in can be seen.  One element of being a teacher in ‘inter-subjective awakening’ is to bring awareness and alignment to these necessary structures that facilitate what is possible between us.

At times, certain pieces of information presence themselves and innovative ways of using these kinds of wisdom are a part of how we work together.  On Saturday, we began to use Maslow’s hierarchy to examine the inescapable structural needs of the collective.

We began with basic physical needs – translating that into our agreements to be together, show up on time and handle integrity and other basic elements, that cannot be skipped over. When examined in the light of the actual impact on the field, it becomes clear that our influence, even on the most basic level – like showing up on time – impacts where the focus of attention is drawn.  If we expect to truly expand our capacities to live inside the power of a “Higher We” consciousness, everything matters.

Safety, which included an exploration of the different aspects of MUTUAL TRUST was next.  For content on that dimension of our exploration there is a virtual course that covers most of it here:

Then we moved into Belonging.  What was fascinating in our  inquiry and exploration was to explore was how ‘belonging’ works in the different levels of social and cultural contexts.  How does belonging work in a traditional culture, a modern culture or post modern culture?  We spent the day exploring the questions of belonging and discovered realities we could enter into as well as many more questions.

What is belonging?  What is our individual relationship to belonging?  It was clear that by not addressing these lower levels of relatedness, we would not be able to ground the power of what we can share with each other.  We assume that belonging will eventually occur – but does it?  Often people have issues around belonging that are never addressed, and so they remain somewhat separate always. Clearly, separation can be a part of belonging in lower levels of consciousness, but when entering unity consciousness, those subtle levels of separation are felt and create disturbances in the field.

It’s interesting when you look into the consciousness of relatedness in the world – how rarely we even get to belonging – our integrity with one another and lack of emotional safety often keep our relationships stuck.  Different elements of trust are often missing in the background of our most cherished relationships.  We are seriously examining what will it take to have a culture where those levels are fundamentally handled and we are aligned with ways of being that create the ground of integrity, safety and then belonging.

What is belonging in a culture that supports this consciousness?  What agreements exist that support that belonging?  How does belonging work without separation? Most belonging when examined creates an inside group and and outside world – inherently there is an us/them perspective.  Where do you belong and what affect on your consciousness and life does that belonging have?  What is it to belong to a collective that is committed to the evolutionary awakening of relating?

When we are alive and awake to the ‘space between’ us, belonging is inherent – we belong to existence and everything belongs to us.  Belonging can be the experience that we are in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing –  it can also be experienced as being at home in the universe.  What is your experience of belonging?  Please feel free to share below – I’d love to engage in the further inquiry into this subject, especially as it relates to higher levels of development and the creation of new shared collective fields.

All One Love,  Patricia

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