Evolutionary Relationships Book

Over the past decade more and more people have discovered a new kind of spiritual awakening. It is more than an individual awakening. It is an opening that occurs in the relational space between individuals. Many are calling this as the new frontier of human development.

Evolutionary Relationships, Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening will show you how to find and amplify the “evolutionary relationships” in your own life. Perhaps more importantly, it will show you how to transform any committed relationship—whether with a spouse, a lover, a partner, a close friend, or family member—into a dynamic engine for mutual evolution.


A 4-Week Virtual Course MUTUAL TRUST

Join us for this special immersion in Mutual Trust! As we explore Trust, we will practice staying right at the horizon of Emergence. We will combine discursive and experiential learning, always with an emphasis on giving you actual access to Trust as a “location in consciousness”. Our work will unfold in a thoughtfully designed progression, exceptionally well guided and contained. In Patricia’s lovingly precise, expert leadership, access to this basic trust is restored in a space of authentic awakened mutuality. Gently dislodging the egoic blocks to this kind of mutual engagement, we find our organic sense of adventure, and lean on the Universe’s proclivity towards wild spontaneity and bliss!