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In the past month there have been demonstrations in Washington, DC, Berkeley, New York City and all over the country. People are continuing to fight for civil rights and further perfect the reality of our freedom and respect for one another. It’s an important element of human progress – to find our way to freedom on all dimensions of human life – outer forms and inner. Many of us have fought for freedom – powerfully in the outer world equality, human rights, freedom from oppression and in our inner world as well, freedom from our inner limitations, self-imposed suffering to find our freedom to create and innovate the new in all domains of existence.

This fall as I was teaching and working in California, I was moved by how much territory has been taken in the domain of individual awareness and personal liberation.  Some people have explored many different paths, others more singular in their devotion and study, but in the end, it’s clear that many of us have more real freedom from habitual patterns of our egos and the all-consuming issues of fear and survival.

I’ve met a wide assortment of courageous and beautiful human beings that have studied, meditated, cried, surrendered, breathed and worked their way through so much of what displaces our personal freedom – our ability to truly know who we are and awaken to why we are here and have greater capacity to take action in the world.

From a world centric perspective, it’s obvious that work of establishing greater freedom and equality needs to continue until we have a world that respects and cares for all of us. From a cosmo-centric perspective, the question arises as to where the next conquest of freedom for human consciousness lies?  What is the edge of development that human beings who are relatively free, need to discover and embody?

The kind of freedom I am being drawn to now happens with others.  We are discovering a fluid, flowing, interpenetrating consciousness that is attuned and unselfconscious.  As I become more stable in this quality of consciousness, I find the idea of focusing on ‘working on oneself’ a bit heavy and limiting instead of liberating.  To stop the flow of the moment to bring forth an issue or shadow piece, to create strategies or goals or to try to manipulate the content or quality of my consciousness seems not only disruptive but strangely, counterproductive. All of those things are still important and arise in the present but they are happening spontaneously and unselfconsciously.

As the complexity of freedom develops for human beings, it makes sense that we would begin to move into a kind of consciousness that is completely free and unaware of self. It’s a consciousness that is liberated from the compulsion for constant self awareness, it is free of the need to be conscious of being consciousness. We begin to experience freedom from the sense of self. We awaken into a flow of action that feels free of us.  ‘We’ aren’t doing anything – it’s just happening and the desire to discuss and breakdown what happened or tell a story about how it felt, also feels disruptive to the flow.

There’s a kind of freedom of being that begins to map onto the quality of consciousness extreme athletes find themselves in or people in the midst of an entirely creative act. This consciousness could be called freedom itself.

The development of this freedom is being discovered in the work I am doing and will be sharing in the Mutual Awakening 4 Month Course beginning January 20th.  The practice of mutual awakening and the continual building of the connectivity and intense focus on the space between us dissolves the membranes of separateness and self-concern and will allow this consciousness to have a greater foothold in your daily existence. As we embody this freedom – we are more powerfully orchestrated by something greater – so that we can together bring beauty and justice to this world.

Here’s the link to a special Question & Answer Call that I will be doing on the Shift Network (sign up and they will send you a link to the recording of the talk I did with Stephen Dinan and the Q&A):

I look forward to interacting with you – please call in if you are moved to – the space between us is where it’s all happening….

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