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I’m walking through the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park on this soft June morning.  The intense aroma of the Eucalyptus trees gently touching my skin through the gentle breeze.  The air of the west surrounding me and allowing a kind of equilibrium for my soul – the substance of my soul has a similar quality of this light, fresh, almost imperceptibly breezy air.  In New York city, my soul feels a different kind of equilibrium as its intensity and passionate fire are met.   I’ve joked about not being someone who can be ‘monogamous’ with place – I seem to always need two homes – two environments that hold, stimulate and reflect me.

I’m listening to music as I move on the dirt path through the park, feeling a particular (and hard to explain) quality of ‘interpenetrating’ selves.  The girl I was when I first found myself here, just 18 years old, unknowingly open and unselfconsciously courageous, animated by the sweet, colorful, explosive freedom that was pulsing through many of us at that time.   Life was fresh and moving in new directions and choicelessly, I was a part of it.

I’m not sure why, but I am moved to tears by some kind of intersection of ‘her’ and who I am now and the fullness of everything in between.  It’s not a memory.  There is a visceral quality, gradiations of unity coalescing in me, now.

I’ve spoken often about the importance of influence in the new consciousness that I am working with.  Influence of place is a powerful one.  The trees, animals, weather, architecture, culture,  people, history, emanating and surrounding all that live in a particular place shape us.

New York city is an flat island made of rock big enough and strong enough for immense buildings to be built taller than anywhere on earth.  I feel the earth and deep sense of grounding there.  I feel it’s solidity and power.  San Francisco is built on a fault line, innately insecure,  curvy with hills, that make traveling through it somewhat like being on a roller coaster.

New York activates and supports my sense of power and creativity and I feel deeply connected to humanity and the world.  I also feel my ancestors and have a deep sense of home.

Here is San Francisco, I feel a freshness, innocence,  restored hope and love.

I find it beautiful to witness that as my consciousness and sense of self becomes more and more fluid, the richness of influence arrives with more angles and seems to weave, uplift and integrate in ways I can only be grateful for.

Please share your experiences of influence of place – or the sense of self that is like a through line through your life below.  I would love to hear from you.

With love & appreciation,


From the song….

All across the nation, such a strange vibration
People in motion
There’s a whole generation with a new explanation
People in motion, people in motion


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