Summer of Love

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I’m sure we’ve all had many ‘summers of love’ in our lives.  The sweet freedom and warmth of summer seems to invite us to relax and engage in the domain in which love flourishes.  We take the time to pay attention to beauty and each other.  When I was fifteen,  I was fortunate enough and crazy enough to make sure I was part of tribe who found their way to Woodstock to experience the eruption of cultural consciousness that had been building and simmering under the surface for a while.  It was the consciousness of equality, freedom, going back to the land & what was natural, love and a new kind of creativity that was bursting through us in movement, music and wild colors.  I’ve never been to Burning Man – but my guess it is an evolutionary expression of that ‘Summer of Love’.

This summer I’ve been traveling almost non-stop throughout the country – and I feel a same kind of bursting open.  The ‘intersubjective awakening’ or ‘unity consciousness’ as a new paradigm, a new movement in consciousness has been slowly building steam – small groups of people are discovering that they want to come together differently – for different reasons beyond those of mutual healing or mutual empowerment of each others goals and purposes.  People are wanting to come together with a new kind of transparency and intimacy  that allows our boundaries to dissolve, where we can fall into the experience of, what I call, the ‘multiple beloveds.’  The Divine is inviting us to fall in love through each other to the One and it’s happening easily and naturally – no meditating for days on end – no ‘war’ against the ego –  we simply turn towards each other in a particular way and reliably fall through the rabbit hole.

woodstockAs I’ve been traveling and teaching, I feel the power of the ‘unity tribe’ finding each other and realizing what we are here to do together. It’s like when I was in our van with my hippie boyfriend driving down the road to Yasgur’s farm, people walking beside the car, other’s driving, singing, clutching each other on motorcycles and riding on the top of crazy colored buses. We didn’t really know why we were there.  Yes, we thought we were going to a music concet with our favorite groups, all in one place but there was a current, a new power of love and energy that was taking us and we were caught in something so much bigger.

It’s happening again, a powerful, more evolved frequency of love that is built on all that we’ve learned and developed in the last 40 years & we’re being invited again to come together and stabilize the ‘Higher We’ or Unity consciousness or InterBeing.  I feel incredibly blessed to be ‘fortunate and crazy enough’ to be part of this tribe and to be in position to create  ways in which we can participate in this emergence together.

As many of you already know – I’ll be in San Francisco for the month of September – there will be one open evening to the public in Berkeley on September 10th – if you are in the area, please check it and join us.  The beat goes on….

All One Love,


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